My sporty = Killer heels & the perf new fragrance to match. I always knew Michael Kors would get me! @beautytipsy #MKSporty #tonyatakeover
  • macysMy sporty = Killer heels & the perf new fragrance to match. I always knew Michael Kors would get me! @beautytipsy #MKSporty #tonyatakeover

  • kkmw26Yaa
  • kkmw26Yes first comment and likee^^
  • viivavi@alsalemammar 😱😱😱😱😱 they have to be mineeeeee!!! Right?! #lol
  • la_magistrada158Cost
  • hemivsjami@eclep28
  • mrsrazorrob❤❤❤
  • sparklebostonSteve Madden has cuter shoes than those...
  • patrixynhaUauuuuu!!!! 😍😍😍😍
  • sister_vLove!!!!!
  • glamtamsaGorgeous!
  • sophiestication3Luvvv Michael kors
  • ghasnatooooh <3
  • lanadzamOwn them- LOVE them
  • 7thcieloThat's so chic..enjoy them
  • emily.hart33What should I wear on the first day of high school?????? #helpmeclinton
  • ____kt______I have long, curly, thick, and (frizzy) hair.. I want to do something new for the beginning of school (maybe even bangs,) but I still want my hair to be a fairly long length. Please help me!! Thanks!! #helpmeclinton @macys
  • macys@emilyhart312 Layers are good since you'll be going from warmer temps outside to a colder building for most of the day. Try a chambray shirt over a patterned tank. You can pair that with colored denim or maybe a solid colored, textured fabric skirt. Finish with a pair of metallic sandals or maybe a trendy oxford. It's fun, still summery and you can wear all the pieces again for at least another year! #HelpMeClinton -Team Clinton
  • macys@hiii_its_kattI The MOST important thing is to look up reviews of salons in your area. Try to find a specific stylist that comes recommended for working with curly hair. It's a difficult type of hair to work with, so your stylist should be experienced in this area. A professional with experience can help you make decisions for your hair type, based on your everyday routine before you leave for school and how much work you're willing to put in to style certain cuts. Do some research before you go of celebs with curly hair that have styles that you think are cool. This way you can go in with photos and get a productive conversation going. Hope your school year is fantastic! #HelpMeClinton -Team Clinton
  • emily.hart33Thank you so much and you told me right on time @macys
  • bellebelliebelle@dogg_rosario
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