@aleswap Take a look at the haul Goliath brought back! My baby dragon selected a limited release #SamuelAdams #CinderBock #Rauch #Bock #BatchNo2 and to compliment that there's a #DoubleChocolateStout from the #FortCollinsBrewery!! And on the right a personal favorite of mine by @DogfishHead Brewery - Raison D'etre a dark mahogany ale with a unique sweetness from the green raisins. And front and center Goliath picked up a bottle of #Dragon'sMilk!!! A high gravity bourbon barrel stout with a roasty malt character. What a #haul!!! @kimsbaybrews check out the #DoubleChocolateStout sometime, I believe you will fall in love. @thatbeerguy what do you think about all the amazing flavors?
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