Honored to have such great fans, just randomly got a free dinner - thanks all
  • kevinroseHonored to have such great fans, just randomly got a free dinner - thanks all

  • courtstarrSo legit!
  • rangnowThe cool thing to do would be to style out the server with a tip of 50% of what the Actual bill would have been and also plug the restaurant with your various platforms of social media outreach. #justsayin #oink #newyorker
  • rangnow#alsonotpresumingyoudidntalreadydothat
  • tyanaayuCorona... I like that!
  • nicklasholmThats awesome!
  • jonavalonWow that is awesome!
  • timonusLol
  • nickmontesMy car just broke down in Alabama on the way to the finale.... Crap.
  • mrflorisThat is because you are an honest person and not some douche Kevin. Thank you for the many years of diggnation.
  • gnateyeThanx for the great run I will miss the weekly tv visit from you and Alex...
  • agreenerfilm@kevinrose Thanks for all of the laughs over the years, I'm glad I got to take birthday shots with you in St. Louis!
  • jude311Much love for all the great years of Diggnation, Kevin
  • jakeomiteWhat's Monkey Bread?
  • jonnytorresWhy not give the restaurant a free plug?
  • lynx231The last diggnation supper, how sad
  • zbopinspace@kevinrose been following you since the screen saver days and love watching diggnation! Thanks for the good times Kevin, good luck with your future! You have my full support!
  • kevinroseMonkey bread is caramel covered sweet bread
  • johnjordanMonkey bread is amazing!
  • shinzinhoYou've got loyal fans.
  • bluecukGot to bake this monkey bread for an afternoon tea gathering. Never heard of that in the UK 😁👍
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