• dooceEh?

  • trishtacI hope you're in BC!! :)
  • zh_michelleWelcome! Make sure to stop by a Tim Hortons for a double double and timbits eh!
  • carlyannsniderThat's totally the crossing in the Niagara region! Time to try some Ontario wine!
  • lesleyjudithBienvenue! Lots of fun festivals in Ontario this weekend!
  • someonesmummy@dooce Welcome! Will you be visiting the capital? Remember, us Canadians are pretty non-confrontational. So have some fun!
  • roisinfaganIf you're deciding on a winery, highly recommend Tawse!
  • allison_m38Welcome! Newfoundland is beautiful, just sayin
  • mellybelcNice! Enjoy your stay :)
  • danesburchHope you and Tuff Stuff have a great time. You more than deserve some R&R no matter what the f****** trolls say 😮😮
  • nervromTim Hortons coffee is the worst.
  • pingoderpWelcome to the true North!
  • loiseau333:)
  • sandyvtI beg to differ with nevrom. Timmy Ho coffee is great.
  • selenamaemillsCreekside winery (Niagara Region), stay in NOTL, picture postcard perfect. The Angel Inn for a quality pub experience and music. YES, go to Toronto ignore the haterzzz. Kensington Market for shopping and China Town for late night eats. Also worth mentioning, historical district, cherry beach, queen west pub and live music crawl, the Danforth for Greek. Muskoka for cottage country.
  • mydaughterfragrances_janeyWelcome;)
  • trapeziomThe very VERY best poutine in the whole wide world is at the Hurricane on Bloor West in Toronto. You can't come to Canada and not eat poutine.
  • tdotjenEnjoying reading all the Canadian pride.
  • suetravWelcome to Canada!!
  • koifish12It sounds like they are going camping, people!
  • nervrom@sandyvt No. you're wrong.
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