Canoeing down the Deschutes River after dinner on Friday night. #inbend
  • tshoxenreiderCanoeing down the Deschutes River after dinner on Friday night. #inbend

  • angela__strandLooks so fun!
  • laurajolizaYou're right by my house! Can't wait until mine are big enough for more serious water play.
  • ariannesegermanHow fun guys!!!
  • redeeming_tableJust read your newsletter & I get every bit of it. Our fam was thinking of visiting Bend this summer. But, we're headed to Winthrop next week to soak in nature & one another. This pic looks like that.
  • mommarizzayLooks like you guys are having an awesome time!! Exciting!
  • vistylindgrenThat's it. We're visiting Bend before summer is over.
  • suzielindIt's fun to see these pics after today's newsletter :)
  • anapaulaccrI loved it :)
  • tshoxenreider@suzielind 👊
  • leenie_kmt@tshoxenreider great pic! I have the same photo on the same river taken from the same perspective. You have to checkout my feed. It was our first time visiting Oregon at beginning of July.
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