Rainy landing in Buffalo
  • dooceRainy landing in Buffalo

  • jdamico2012Ha! I live in Niagara Falls ON. You're so close. And it has been pretty wet tonight. Backyard BBQ got all rained out. Thank god the beer was saved. Enjoy BUF! The TSA there = Very Handsy.
  • nurseheidihoAh! You are so close to me...I can feel the force!! B-lo represent! 👍👍
  • johnboyphotoJust flew in there on Monday. Drove up to Toronto.
  • greeblehausDooce, have you seen the dumbest comment ever on several levels?
  • jilleatsapplesDooce is in my hometown?! Cool!!
  • lifewithroozle@greeblemonkey Hahaha!
  • 0utstandingBuffalo!!! Come over!!
  • kaethendPlease tell me this means more sexy man smile photos ASAP.
  • annmc72@jdamico78 waving at ya neighbour!!
  • krystyna81You must eat a chicken finger sub from John's, wings anywhere and everywhere, and the home made bacon at Riverstone Grill on Grand island (honk at my parent's house when you drive by!)
  • nbeyer031102Pshh, shoulda stayed in Minneapolis-we're having gorgeous weather!
  • iamjennsullivanWow! That's a beautiful photo.
  • aissygThe 716 is amazeballs. Literally have a tattoo of '716' to show for it. Hope you have fun there!
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