Captain Bashar al-Assad with his comrades at the camp- 1994

#Syria #Bashar #Assad
#سورية #الأسد #الاسد #بشار
  • syrianpresidencyCaptain Bashar al-Assad with his comrades at the camp- 1994

    #Syria #Bashar #Assad
    #سورية #الأسد #الاسد #بشار

  • cantstealmysunshineLove u Mr President!!! Allah ye7mik ya rab😍💕😍💕😍💕
  • basharwillruleVictory will always be yours!! Syria is facing a fake revolution!! But God is greater than all the evil that u r facing!! Allah ye7mik mn Hal kefforin!!
  • ahmadzoulfekarالله يحميك ابو حافظ
  • halawallahلو مهما طال زنب لسانكم على سيدكم سيجيئ اليوم وتقطعوه لخيانتكم يا عملأ فنحن نقول لسيد الرجال( ألاهي تقهر أعدائه وتشتت مبغضيه قادر يا كريم ) هل فهمتم يا أشباه ألرجال
  • umrannxshn@a_dirbas We have destroyed the picture of islam right? That's so ironically what you're saying!! Even a blind man can see this that they're making a massacre there!!
  • chicagosfinest007@raouf_bouzered Free Syria? For who? France? So they can come back and re-colonize the country? Who will benefit from the destruction of Syria? And what kind of Arab "revolution" begs white people in the West for weapons to use against people who look just like them? Shame.
  • emzy4lifeNo_name61 you lack reasoning u support pple who practise cannibalism who destroy infrastructures.....u need to beg for forgiveness
  • samah1985111Britt the only one who will face judgement, and harshest at that, will be people or things like you who support heart eating head severing terrorist maniacs selling you a sop story on freedom
  • alex7falconRather cadet Bashar al-Assad. Good, good. Old army photo.
  • samz___t@chicagosfinest007 Arabs begging white people for weapons? you mean like how bashar begs the russians? lol
  • mustafa1kayaliAll of u bitches shut up cause bashar did everything to make syria better then any country but u people لازم أقول حيوانات يلي يتسمون حلكم الحرية جيتو و جيتو القتل
  • mohamat1982Vive la Syrie vive l'armée syrienne
  • mohamat1982Au diable l'armée libre et ses partenaires des frères musulmans
  • hassin24@aldakheel1177 الأسد يسير و الكلاب تنبح@اسد@العرب
  • lanooonahموتو بغيظكم عاش اسد سورية والنصر لجيشنا المغوار ويرحم روحك ياحافظ الموت لكلاب الحرية القاتلة
  • portdebouc13salutation a mr ASSAD
  • mosacoq8عاش. عاش. عاش. بشار اسد العرب
  • rhernanderNo muppets allowed in the desert beaker, get out of there.
  • daliasstagramGod bless u Dr Bashar 🙏✌ I love u soooooo much ❤❤❤ و بالعربي بحبك و بموت بربك .. الله يحميك يا قائدنا
  • omar_zarboواخ معاق لعادة كان حاجب في الجيش هههه
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