Emulation is the highest form of flattery and is a gesture of respect and/ or appreciation. Thank u!!!
  • dannywayEmulation is the highest form of flattery and is a gesture of respect and/ or appreciation. Thank u!!!

  • lazermantisHe wrote" let the universe drive" I like that.
  • bobburnquist@dannyway I've been looking up to you since a little kid in Brazil. I've dreamed this skateboard dream for a long time and it seemed so far out from where I was... You made me believe back then, you make me believe in it now. My skateboarding life has a credit, it reads : Inspired by DANNY WAY. Obrigado por quem voce é e o que vc fez por todos skatistas. 🙏
  • dannywayMuch love bro and great job! @bobburnquist
  • dannywayCopy that!! Its all love my friend !! @jakeara94
  • jack_mckee_I remember watching "waiting for lightning" during my treatment in a drug rehabilitation and it gave me much strength to keep on going. You're and inspiration to everyone. You helped me lead a better life and YOU are part of the reason why I'm sitting here today. Been sober for almost a year now. All I can say is thank you. Keep doing what you are doing. You're my hero. @dannyway
  • dannywayThat's fucking cool!! I have had to support many close friends and family much of my life trying to stay sober so I know how hard that is my friend, much respect for staying strong and I'm so hyped my film has a profound effect on you for the best .. This is so amazing to read and I appreciate the post bro.., much love @jack_ofwgkta_mckee
  • michaeljeffreydamn @bobburnquist you are sooo rad for commenting on this! 2 legends! @dannyway #comeoutwithadoublespart
  • lucius_firminDanny, your one of my favorite skateboarders. The way you take hard hits and just get back up for your love of skating. That's such an inspiration to me. You helped me learn to fight the pain for determination. Thank you. I hope I see you in X games again. Thanks again! @dannyway
  • aaronputnam@dannyway I respected you the first time I met you at big Wednesday !!
  • megaranch@dannyway you have inspired so many people around the world, and have pushed the capabilities of what you can achieve, you have inspired me and a few others in Australia to create a Mega ramp for the next generation to one day get near the heights of the bar you have set
  • reneerenee1@yolokingofficial I didn't know Danny had a #trampstamp ??? #lbt for life!!! Danny is the most humble person you will ever meet. Go throw on your white oakley mp3 shades and carve the fuck out of your longboard! #2thrasherskateroftheyearawards #canttouchthis I bet you think Robbie Kenevil is better than his dad cause he jumped farther.
  • dannyway#megacompoundkauai
  • thejonko@dannyway Danny, do you know what's up with waiting for lightning in the Dutch iTunes Store? I pre-ordered it weeks ago and iTunes said it would come out here on the 30th of July, but nothing yet... :-( I hope you read this :-) greetings from Amsterdam
  • ian_poston45Hey man ur such a insperation to me! Ur the reason i skate the way i do! I hope u read this and notice me! It would mean so much if u followed me or liked a photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ian_poston45@dannyway
  • ian_poston45Please dont ignore me!😓😥 @dannyway
  • andyr0seThose DC's are tight!! Which model are these??? @dannyway @mike_stache
  • f_e_n_t_o_nHoly shit you are higher than a house and not wearing a helmet!
  • ldtyra859Where can I find those shoes @dannyway ?
  • 533rene@blockhead_dave you need to ride your skate crate here!
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