Inspiring quote, amazing afternoon treats.  #anothercoolquotebydollyparton #bostok #icedcoffee #vancouver
  • pertypixInspiring quote, amazing afternoon treats. #anothercoolquotebydollyparton #bostok #icedcoffee #vancouver

  • pertypix@pic_nic_time So do I! 😊Aren't their croissants amazing?! 😋
  • pertypix@lostinkits Say what?!🙀Me thinks someone's been going to Lucky's a lot lately!😛 Well they do both serve the same great coffee! 😉☕
  • pertypix@laurent_abc 😊👍She's a very talented and underrated songwriter! 🎼Bon week-end, Laurent! 😘🐰🚗🇫🇷
  • pertypix@strawpick Thanks, Agnes! 😊This is one of my favourite bakeries in Van! 😋Have a sweet weekend! :) 🍰🍮🍨
  • pertypix@pandadrf I hear ya! Have a great weekend, my friend! It's a long weekend here since it's BC day (British Columbia - our province). Yippee! :)
  • lostinkitsIll try not to limit myself to just 49th!😜 Happy Friday!☕
  • laurent_abc@pertypix true👍 Merci🙏 Happy Friday to you and 🐑🎉😉👋😘
  • pic_nic_timeThey are the best!! 😋❤
  • bzapsYou love food and all that yeah? You'll need to recommend me some places downtown for breakfast. I wouldn't know where to begin! @pertypix
  • hautesucreYum! Love bostok! Used to make this often when I worked in Paris! 😘
  • dnalouYummy
  • pertypix@bzaps You gotta try Café Medina! It's always busy (no resos) but so worth the wait! They've got yummy Belgian waffles -everything is good there! Not too far from that café is Yolk's Breakfast food truck (by Stadium Skytrain Station) --amazing breakfast sandwiches! If you're into croissants, Beaucoup bakery has the BEST croissants (double baked). Enjoy your weekend! :-)
  • pertypix@hautesucre Ooh la la! To make bostok in Paris - very cool! 😊🇫🇷This was my first time to try it ---soooo good! 😋👍
  • pertypix@dnalou So good! 😋
  • bzapsThank you, andie! Hit the nail right on the head! @pertypix
  • pertypix@bzaps No worries, Ben! :) Hope your 1st BC Day long weekend is a great one! Cheers! :)
  • allilauPerfect thoughts to ponder whilst fuelling up! 😊😘☺
  • pertypix@allilau Agreed! 😊Gotta love Dolly! 😃👍
  • i_choose_funBrilliant
  • pertypix@i_choose_fun Thanks, Candice! :) Love this bakery and love this quote! One of the good ones from Dolly! 😊
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