Hamptons visit with my girls @dinamanzo and @pamcolacino #greatfriends
  • teresagiudiceHamptons visit with my girls @dinamanzo and @pamcolacino #greatfriends

  • jrzyitalianEnjoy, Bella... You deserve it! ❤💋💋💋
  • jetsetgetaways@plc747 didn't we hike in those sandals????
  • sherry_baby619You guys look happy!
  • singlelove2The sand looks dirty 😯
  • bkmbennett@teresagiudice enjoy your family and friends as you always do...this too shall pass and people will find something else to watch and be opinionated about...positive vibes tour way 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • bkmbennett^*your
  • beth72376Stay strong girlie @teresagiudice These people r haters
  • nonna0314@teresagiudice - I'm playing for you and Joe. God always comes through.
  • sawyersgagaGod don't come through for the wicked and criminals. Js. Be nice like you used to be!!
  • roseannvryhofLove seeing you all together :)
  • mer_maid3@gymflygirl77 get a life trick coming on someone's page just to hate
  • elenioheleniWhat kind of miserable ugly losers write vindictive nasty sht 2 someone they don't know on Instagram?!? Lolol WOW u psychos act like she took the bread out ur kids mouths 😂 AS IF she's reading ur bullsht LOL jeez "gymflygirl" ur a legit stalker I keep seeing you on EVERY pic she posts! U must hav no life. As for whom "God comes thru" for I'd say YOU aren't the authority on that AND IF you truly are religious /spiritual you DONT judge others. Who are YOU to judge? Hypocritical. The justice system will judge her not u clowns.
  • m_castt😂😂😂 the government did the judging! Morons!
  • mer_maid3@gymflygirl77 they are actually ☺ you have a wonderful day in ur misery. Go eat something or work out but either way buzz off bitch 👋
  • megan.reshetarWhere is @teresagiudice tank top from?!
  • nycitaliandivaHehe the one on the end looks like a hippie!!! I bet she has a pipe collection..... Great pic!!!
  • sharonmwright@allucrazys. Get a life.
  • nouraanunu@haolegrl808 #realtalk
  • saraab_20الي ع اليمين .. ذكرتني باللي تقول ( الفئرااان اتية .. احموا الناس من الطاعون)😂
  • omturki888ههههههههههه
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