just before the ouch. #tbt
  • jason_mrazjust before the ouch. #tbt

  • jasonsolSo jealous!! Here its winter...and crazy is the forecast all week:-)
  • mary_blossLooks like you're breakdancing on the water :D
  • littlegounLol
  • harlee38See you September 15th in times square
  • sophie_smile11WOW,IT's cool,haha
  • bb16_19LOL
  • uenojulygoodnight
  • uenojuly晚安
  • uenojulyおやすみ
  • rescueicarusHey Jason. It's Jason Fisher; I met you back in August of '03 when you played at the Disco Rodeo in Raleigh,NC. At that time I was raising support for a friend who's daughter was fighting leukemia. I really enjoyed talking with you and really appreciated all the kind words you had to offer. I am now in the process of gaining support for a dear friend and beautiful human being who is undergoing treatment for stage three cervical cancer, and I'm trying to spread awareness of this highly preventable disease that is quickly becoming the second most common cancer among women. I am organizing a benefit concert to support the cause and I would be forever grateful if you would be apart of it. I've got a beautiful venue lined up and I have a whole lot of support around the area who are working hard to make this a successful event. The only thing we're missing is you! If I could have 5 minutes with you I would be in your debt. 919-285-6438 . Sending good vibes into the great blue. ♥
  • sara_rocks_22I love your song I won't give up @jason_mraz
  • wawa787@jason_mraz ...yo need to COME to PUERTO RICO!!! I have a facebook page. You can check it out here. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=107587289318535. We would LOVE for you to come!!! PLEASE...we have the influence of the worst artists of this centurary but one of the best ones (you) has not done a show yet. Justin Bieber is coming in october and so are Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga...PLEASE COME!!!
  • keegan_manning6Jason! Did you like the Music Man? I was at the play too, too bad I couldn't meet ya. Big fan!
  • vanessacordobaCool
  • andre_eichoneres el mejor):<3 te amo
  • y3ssik77Come to Venezuela jason i love u
  • madmenpa2nd half of the first verse in "love for a child"?
  • mmd0101@jason_mraz is this Mechanicsville
  • maria_g711@marlainagiurastante
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