DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten with Yankees manager Joe Girardi before their game tonight vs the Dodgers.
  • dallascowboysDeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten with Yankees manager Joe Girardi before their game tonight vs the Dodgers.

  • leslie_apOmg... My two favorite teams the Cowboys and the Yankees can't get better than that...
  • pbonacci@wallybals
  • pbonacci@berto110906 @tombracig
  • jackieeeeeee27I saw you guys!! Cowboys baby!!
  • cile79@el_pinche_wicho87 your an idiot I was tagging you cause your a Cowboys fan dumb ass
  • james.quagliaMy 2 fav teams
  • eyantbCowboys all the way
  • bjov23My fav teams...just need Jordan in there and it's perfect!!!
  • burke.vbMy two favorite squads! #CowboyNation #YankeeNation
  • pabrulz@dallascowboys that's kool!!!
  • tsw36@hiker7777 Do your friends know you be a Yankee Fan ?
  • bigtakeoff_64cpf@gdthedad, I guess you gotta be a fuckin genius to run, slide, and catch. Get the fuck outta here. You ain't reading no defenses, or offenses, trying to see who coming off your blindside or not. How many people are in the box, are your men lined up straight. Is everybody on the ball? A smart persons game!! You got all the time in the world to dissect some shit, where in football we have seconds. So, try that shit with somebody else homie
  • jadenbennett@64ingca What do you mean all the time in the world?? Batters have split seconds to decide whether or not to swing at a pitch, and then have the muscle to knock it outta there, while pitchers have all kinds of different pitches to throw against different batters in certain situations. It dosent matter the sport, as long as there is equal competition and a game to be played, they are essentially just as hard, Also im not a baseball fanyboy, I play football myself.
  • yankeeowwwBaseball is the hardest sport to play in the world @gdthedad no one in nfl throws the ball close to 95 mph go catch a ball from 60ft 6 inch from that speed you'd be lucky not to break a finger
  • lamborgini15My t
  • lamborgini15Teams
  • mattrazz25Boooooo
  • tony.mirabalDa best teams in both leagues
  • next_lbsteinI love both teams
  • cadendineenGay
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