This is why I got dressed up tonight.  I won an award.
  • jaredpolinThis is why I got dressed up tonight. I won an award.

  • jdgfrommtlHall of Famer! Congratulations.
  • gone_fshnCongrats. Another great accomplishment. @jaredpolin
  • mflorghi@jaredpolin Congratulations from an argentinian Fro reader Jared!
  • smejiajrCongrats hall of famer!!!!
  • delrosariovisualsI have been watching you since I was a 12 year old boy with a sony point and shoot with the first video being the "What is a Lens Hood? why do we use it?". (thought they made u look cooler lol) Today, 3 years later, I am now 15, and have never been so into photography. It's a big part in my life. I always have my camera everywhere. I have been "wow-ing" people everywhere I go. I've shot multiple events. I got my first paid gig at 13. Sure it wasn't the best, but at the time, it got people like "whoa, this kid is an amazing photographer." Not only have I felt so accomplished, but on the road, I have taught and raised 4 other photographers along the way and I owe all the success to you. Thank you for all the tutorials, thank you for all the tips, all the vids, for teaching me the exposures, the 5 year plan, everything. I am now trying to start getting gigs locally for the summer, and get a decent pay to afford a bit more glass in my arsenal.. just before school starts. But I just wanted to thank you, and I am very proud of your accomplishments as well. Have a good one Mr. Jared Polin.
  • rtorblephotoI hope Jared sees that. Nice job David.
  • juanita_angelineGood for you, @daviddrose
  • mrieg09Congrats and David keep up the good work
  • caracushanskyJared has been an inspiration for all of us! He transmit us passion for photography...
  • joshb06Congrats
  • nour_arabikatibicongratulations
  • thesantiayo👍👌congrats fro
  • josemanzoCongratulations Jared!
  • art_noirVery cool, dude. Congrats.
  • crispy247How awesome is that?!! Congrats!!
  • guinhu_uOh congrats.
  • luismafilos@jaredpolin kudos Fro!!!
  • kglawtonBravo
  • lovingdad4xYou deserve it, Jared!! There are givers and takers in this world. Thanks for always giving. I've learned a lot from you and only some of it has to do with photography.
  • itsworthashotHall of Fame - congrats man. Well deserved
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