• wakaflocka#InkLife

  • fonz_wolTold u not to get my name tattooed on u, la cagas! @wakaflockabsm
  • maliyah.20how is he gay? ITS A WOMEN DOING HIS TAT? NOT A DAMN MAN i could understand if itss a nigga doing it?
  • bobbyleezyjr@wakaflockabsm i think ur whole body is full of ink, aint it bro?
  • real_lifenenoThat ain't gay y'all faggots gay for thinking thy shit
  • real_lifenenoProbly hurts likes bitch tho
  • mattmasciaLol half the pussies commenting here don't even have a single tat and yall are callin him gay cause he ran outta room? Man some y'all need to chill out sit back an shut the fuck up lmao... Got that Instagram courage....
  • malawianaShes lucky. Period.
  • j2l920Instagram courage for sure! Blasting your thighs is no joke. Even if the artist was a man, NOT GAY. If this were his first tattoo, ehh ok seems like a suspect place to start. If he was getting a tattoo of a guy fucking another guy, ok ya...gay. This shit is not gay. People who only get tattoos in places where other people can see them are gay
  • jellybruuhYour thigh is sexy. 😋
  • mrsjennhinsonI have my thigh done, it didn't hurt but i see dudes have their entire leg (including their thighs) covered, doesn't make them gay, u just run out of room....
  • mzzjhairdoctorThe thigh hurt like hell too I know
  • tee_o_dendoeInk my whole body I dont give a muthafuk...
  • st0nershiti can make dope tats :)
  • jacksonfranklinFlocka!
  • xoxo_anniegNo limit to my ink call me Master P, BOUT IT!
  • babygirl_m89Usted ta loco
  • clement_animalsons@honeybab Doin The Tattoo
  • elisabethepires@clement_animalsons yeahhhh !!!
  • eazyinkparisYeeah @eazyinkparis
  • queenbee_lilkim96That's sexy baby show us the finished product
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