Say hello to Olympus, high cushioned trail shoe. January 2014.
  • altrarunningSay hello to Olympus, high cushioned trail shoe. January 2014.

  • nicshelton@adam_chatt
  • mcm_pnwwant.
  • mt.trail.wolfSIZE 15?
  • ozydingoHi mate, come on down under when your ready to Rock these mountains of middle earth.
  • trailruntimYES!!!!
  • helvey77I just bought the lone peaks 1.5. Guess I'll have to wear them out fast!
  • the_vstyleis it January yet?
  • m_kebellYes please!
  • gnarlyczarLove the local peak names @altrazerodrop
  • flono_trail@altrazerodrop What happened to minimal? Seems with every iteration Altra moves further away from its roots? Mind I wear and quite like the Superiors with out the rockplate & sockliner. But the "feel" is disappearing. Still nice looking shoes
  • thebillybruhI hated the Torin SO much. I hope these are totally different.
  • bikernate@nordkappler, Altra has never positioned themselves as a minimal company. They make zero drop shoes and make them in all kinds of flavors. I can't wait to try this shoe! Love the Torins (just wore them for most of the VT100 and they were awesome.)
  • bryanew710It's not my thing, but I'm happy to see that @altrazerodrop is taking zero drop shoes to all different kinds of runners.
  • audiekaufmanI just feel like this kind of symbolizes an evolution of the brand similar of that to Nike in the 80s... Keep it natural.
  • rkroadrunnerThey "look" heavy. What is the weight?
  • joeldwrightI'm 41. I have a pair of Hoka Bondi B's, and the original Lone Peaks. And I go trail running in my Hoka's much more. My 41 year old body just needs the padding, even though I have pretty good form now. I'm very curious to see how well these compare to Hokas
  • joeldwrightI think the best innovation that Altra has pushed forward is the zero drop. However, the minimal movement of no padding only works for a few people on a regular basis. Minimal shoes seem to only work for most people as a training device.
  • brisbanetrailrunnerNeed any testers and reviews done guys ....I'm a size 11 and massive altra fan ;)
  • husarJust when I was considering looking at Hokas you saved me. Looking forward to getting my size 14 feet into these next year.
  • husar@altrazerodrop I'd love to see the tread on these.
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