• dooceAltoids.

  • rachelrebecca32Those are rough if you're not ready for 'em
  • kristrangeI'm allergic
  • xsmith5Little Miss Margo has a curiously strong personality!
  • keriwiththesarcasmI use them as bribes/rewards for my 2 and 4 year olds. They love them!
  • tbamsMy kids love those things, curiously enough.
  • flickster94087her name is Marlo, but good line @xsmith5
  • xsmith5Oh wow. I know this! This is why you shouldn't watch a movie and make comments on Instagram. over. MARLO hehe. @flickster94087
  • mugsbuckleyThat's a good picture, Heather
  • liveformemories@xsmith5 were you watching Despicable Me? Because there's a Margo in that. The minions are dreadfully distracting. It would make sense that they overtook Instagram focus ;)
  • jishCuriously strong reaction. 😊
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