Color us pomegranate. Just another day at the #EXPRESS design studio. #bts #retaillife #nofilter
  • expressColor us pomegranate. Just another day at the #EXPRESS design studio. #bts #retaillife #nofilter

  • miarez021
  • miarez02Like and commen
  • miarez02T
  • igbopapiSocks need new colors and prints. Photographer pants need new colors, again. Producer pants... What happened to the Director series? Love the new tie prints. Pocket squares cost too much in express for the design and material costs. More wool suits less, cotton sateen (although I do like my whit sateen suit). Love the Rocco colored jeans. When did the names change. I remember M32 or something like that. Oh... Most importantly please hire a new graphic tee design tee. More picturesque, less words/less express imprints. Love the brand. #EXPLife
  • yardrock@fashionsizzle
  • annaconda319Yum, love fall colors
  • krstrathahaha who snuck into my cube?? getting pumped for new 1MX colors!
  • express@6stax wow, thanks for the great feedback!
  • express@krstrat ;-)
  • igbopapiYou're welcome. I wear a lot of your clothing, so I care. Pardon my grammatical and spelling errors. See my photos if you like.
  • evanwrb@doctormeatloaf
  • neutraltrendsglobalReally hope I get to work in express home offices soon!!
  • jn_payne5I missed the red denim! Please bring it back! They would go great with my #portofino #shirt
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