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  • djhitmann003@treycanard
  • djhitmann003@treycanard
  • _kylemccreaI met you today at elsinore and you absolutley made my day, that was deffinatly the highlight of my day! You are my idol!! And i was soo pumped when i met you for the third time! Youre so down to earth and your deffinatly the coolest rider ive ever met ill be cherring for you forever man good luck and thanks for being such an amazing idol!!
  • follownewaccount3646565🙏👉🙏👈
  • re988Dude you're just an inspiration to everyone around you. Always having some encouraging words of wisdom to pass on to others. 5 days ago I broke my femur... Any advise or tips for a faster/easier recovery? Thanks man.
  • kalebrossi7Could you please pray for trey. He was badly injured in a football game tonight. He is in surgery now. #PrayForTrey look this hash-tag up on twitter!
  • wyattr66Trey ever scence i started riding three years ago ive allways looked up to you as somone i wanted to be like. My dream is to ride even just talk to you. Ive seen you at fca at raynards raceway in guthrie and at fry lake in occra but never really talked to you. Your my hero @treycanard
  • wyattr66Ohh and i live an hour away from you
  • wyattr66@treycanard
  • mx_murray5Happy birthday Trey!
  • dpr57Happy B-day!!!
  • mulherin187Happy birthday I hope you have a good day @treycanard
  • sfreeman509Happy birthday mane!!
  • dubgoodeHappy birthday God Bless
  • michelle_harley1Happy Birthday Trey
  • paauiteHappy birthday!!!!!
  • joacoast21Happy birth day trey!!!!! You are the best rider of the world , I hope that you do better in 2014 supercross season...
  • i_ride_a_honda_number_2_Happy Birthday TREY
  • kayleigh.braileyHappy Birthday Trey! You are my rold model
  • dpr57Congratulations !!!
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