We have a full cup of #pretzelbites... Who's hungry?
  • pretzelmakerpicsWe have a full cup of #pretzelbites... Who's hungry?

  • kkailssssMeeeeeeee and please vote for me?!!! #TwistedforTickets
  • lilbittyyybriti got some yesterday , and omg i started dancing in public because i felled so in love that i forgot i was holding the dipping sauce and it splatted all over me , i was so embarrassed omg but it didn't stop me from jumping and enjoying it . pretzel maker is the BEST!!!!😍😋 it felt like heaven when i bought & ate mines i'm buy another one today . i hope i get voted this means a lot too me (: #twistedfortickets .. thanks if you're reading this😘🙏
  • lydiarugaberI LOVE THESE THINGS!!! Even better with cheese..
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