Gorgeous old LDS ward house in the neighborhood
  • dooceGorgeous old LDS ward house in the neighborhood

  • marcusthetokenThat's an awesome looking building!
  • erinleighgWhat is a ward house, @dooce?
  • harrisonhiveLove
  • lelehatch@erinleighg It is just where a congregation meets. Since there are usually so many members congregations are broken up into "wards." Certain neighborhood boundaries are assigned to specific buildings to keep resources spread out and create a more family type atmosphere.
  • amandarants@erinleighg Mormons refer to their congregations as wards.
  • dooce@amandarants @lelehatch thanks for explaining! I adore these old buildings. I wish they could make them like this today.
  • thearughUsed to be my ward building! 👍
  • somebodysparentI love when you talk about Mormon stuff. I have a weird obsession. I work with several. I'm always fascinated by their traditions.
  • xsmith5I first read "old LSD whore house" maybe because I'm in the back seat of a bouncy truck. Or I'm just dirty that way....
  • pitch1658I wish they still made them like this too. My ward house growing up looked like this and I miss the sense of history these beautiful old buildings bring.
  • linseyaviles@xsmith5 - me too, ha!
  • lelehatchThe old building really are beautiful! More "church" less "office building."
  • ssthomThey're all the same now. Love the old ones!
  • woodbee33When was this ward house built?
  • kerewinLove #doorporn
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