Finale Party! Can you believe there's only one new #RHOC episode before the reunion? Thoughts on the season?
  • heatherdubrowFinale Party! Can you believe there's only one new #RHOC episode before the reunion? Thoughts on the season?

  • libbylou1101I totally fast forward through Gretchen and slade... I used to like Gretchen but this season has changed my mind on that ..gross. You're the best thing that happened to the show, you and your fam are so cute and hilarious!
  • nicolezamarronHeather you are by far mine & my daughter Myas favorite housewife. You have so much class and beauty. Don't ever change. 😊
  • denisenmosleyOh my God @noellejea6 you need to get a life, if you're living it reading my comments. Lol
  • shaunaaleneI think you and Lydia have been a great addition to the show. I am very much looking forward to the reunion but I do hope it is not a gang up on Gretchen show.
  • heatherdubrowThank you everyone for your comments! I appreciate you taking the time to post! Hope you enjoy the finale!
  • chic_house_forever@heatherdubrow you are a classy lady !!!
  • rcarmicalRyan is a jerk!!! I can't believe the way he talked to Lydia's mom!!
  • ihaveneverlikedyou@lisa10160 vickis brother stood up to him
  • redfoxgoodclothes@heatherdubrow @redfoxlaguna is gladly at your service;) I sure miss seeing my neighbors at 1617 westcliff building;)
  • the_real_rod_lewis_howsonThis season needed more #PeggyTanous
  • jenbunny_11@heatherdubrow I absolutely love your leggings Mrs. Dubrow where did you get them?
  • stephyleigh12Ryan (son in law) has some major issues...who swears at anyone like that especially a 64 yr old lady! There is no situation where that is ever appropriate ..ever
  • shopaholicnycOmg! Where is your outfit from? Always so chic!!!
  • katgrl76What the heck was up with Vicki's dress too much cleavage
  • tashacobbxyou all look stunning as always, can't wait until the new series hits the uk, we've waited so long❤
  • callbeeWhere did you buy your pants!!? 😍
  • xxfizbombxx_Omg this series was fun ups and downs but always fun to watch
  • adellepriorOmg only just finished here in UK! I cannot get over @tamrajudge getting her tongue stuck to ice! Nearly wet my pants! By far the best moment! Love you both! Great series xx
  • the_real_rod_lewis_howsonDef would have been a better season if @peggytanous was on it
  • ariel_silvermanLydia is wearing the dress you wore at your clambake right @heatherdubrow
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