Put your best foot forward in fabulous flats for Fall! #LaneBryant
  • lanebryantPut your best foot forward in fabulous flats for Fall! #LaneBryant

  • tooobsI wish you all made size 7!!! Not fair 😢
  • lanebryantHi @tooobs - Some of our shoes come in a size 7 online. You can have an associate order them via LB2Me for you!
  • bdubs0823Will you ever have the option for non-wide shoes?
  • madebymeg1I agree with you @bdubs0823 ! Dear LB, not all plus size women have wide feet..... any regular width options in the future?
  • amandawardleYes, I am plus size but have skinny feet! Go figure! If I buy boots, I do need the wide calf, but I wish they came in regular width as well!
  • tooobs@lanebryant thanks!
  • lanebryantHi @amandawardle @madebymeg1 & @bdubs0823 - I'm sorry, but at this time, we do not have plans to offer non wide width shoes. If we do decide to carry "normal" widths, we will announce it.
  • samanthakay925@amandawardle try going down a size, I wear an 11, but do not have wide feet and I can wear a 10w at Lane Bryant! Go in to your local store and try it out!!
  • amandawardle@samanthakay925 Thanks! I will!
  • precedenterinbThe cheetah prints are to die for and oh so comfy!
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