in studio w @jenrosenstein
  • jason_mrazin studio w @jenrosenstein

  • taatiaguiaarbrazil really loves you! 😍 we are waiting for you!
  • taatiaguiaarwith news songs, maybe? hahah @jason_mraz
  • _zachrobinsonShut up Jason. Bahahahahahahahahaha If I cover one more of your songs there gonna attack me and say Man U cover to much mraz you must got some weird obsession. I stand my ground and am not ashamed of my obsession. In fact it's tought me how to succeed in the music business and for that I may never love anyone as much as you jason. I am gay for you. Sorry ladies. Jason's way hotter then u !
  • mezajosieShiiiit, I would go gay too zrobb50!!! ;)
  • uenojulyI miss u
  • yvettegiselaHey friend looking awesome as usual, Ily
  • treynycCool shirt ;-)
  • vtoris@jason_mraz waiting for you in Moscow! On the 20th! Have a hope to make a photo with you=)☺
  • shostakovi_chenzxgreat
  • _catalina_aI'm your No1 fan from Republic of Moldova. I hope u heard about this country. :)
  • dammouraoCome to Fortaleza again, please! I love you! ♥
  • abeautifulmess24@jason_mraz I jump outta my pants with each new update!!! You inspire me, t
  • abeautifulmess24@jason_mraz ...aaaannddd I just want to keep spreading your Mrazness!
  • lailadoughertyHi sorry I'm IN LOVE WITH YOU AND HUNTER HAYES SONG
  • alecacciatoreQuiero que te cases conmigo
  • charliebrown50will you marry me?
  • lariscrispimI love u Jason >< I love u yours music, I like your voice #Brazil
  • foochowkiabCome bintulu! !!!! Here really a beautiful place n we all love music too♥
  • _ielsysofiaLove of my Life ❤️
  • tutu_vfPeace!!! I love this!!
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