Looking back: Fossil watches over the years.
  • fossilLooking back: Fossil watches over the years.

  • missyfaizahThis is vintage
  • dommilesI work in one of the stores. Bring some ' limited edition' styles out and they would do amazong
  • sylahs😻😻😻
  • vsmibijouAdore!
  • sonjamlVery far right needs to come back! Workers always know best
  • kristenmarie_25I work at fossil in vegas...people are still bringing these watches in asking to buy them! customers love their "vintage" fossil.
  • daydreamer077I agree as a fossil employee I agree @sonjaml
  • mchl_mcr2nd from the left is awesome
  • mademoisellefajI have the one on the far right but strap's broken. I got it as a hand me down in fifth grade. Best hand me down ever!
  • kyliekeysOh my goodness. You guys made a watch for Roy and Dale?! :) I want it.
  • oweniamh@mademoisellefaj go to fossil shop and grt the strap changed, get it serviced as well! They will treat your vintage fossil good! I ❤💛💙💜💚❤ fossil!
  • dez__88Far right needs to come back
  • fiddyshadesofkLOVE the far right watch.
  • blairypoppinsBring back the far left and far right!! Seriouslyyy 🙋🙋🙋🙋
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