We both needed a stiff drink after watching bachelorette. @catherinegiudici
  • seanloweksuWe both needed a stiff drink after watching bachelorette. @catherinegiudici

  • mmissortiz@obinnacabilaz how did he not know sooner? He's only known her for 6wks! How does anyone fall in love and propose in 6wks? I'm surprised more of the Bachelors/Bachelorettes don't do what he did! Maybe that's why not too many last...#toosoon #notreallife #lovetakestime
  • candacekral88Brooks comes back :) I already looked it up @seanloweksu but, by far you were the best bachelor that ever aired!
  • klinekaren@candacekral88 how did u look it up ? And does it say he stays ?
  • dimajeddawi@amylucas48 LMFAO
  • dimajeddawi@deedeecolada hahaha MAYBE
  • dadanish1998So intense! Poor Des!
  • laceb25brooks gets picked!
  • thelmachavonnetTeam chrissss
  • nittymcshutterHoly shit what a train wreck
  • jol.ieeeHahahahaha
  • kiki__girlYou guys, love is not just a "feeling", lust is a feeling. Love is an action that blooms from an intention. It is a daily choice that a person makes, and saying that it's love is a commitment to making that choice every day until it is etched onto your very soul. Brooks is just confused because A. his parents were divorced, B. because he's expecting a "'you just know' feeling", and C. he didn't know how deeply Des felt. It will work out! Sean and Catherine, you guys are the greatest example of fun love!
  • carmeldeaI kinda felt bad for her but then i realized she's been leading on Drew and Chris this whole time. She's always known she would choose Brooks. They had no clue when she's kissing them she's imagining they're Brooks.
  • ashleigh_bran@ads1028 is this real life?!
  • brooke_eleine@carmeldea right?! I felt bad for her too until I realized that's what she's doing to the other guys and I was like well that's not cool at all. I kinda wish brooks would come back
  • cynthia_serem@carmeldea I totally 100% agree with you.
  • rilesssmarie@ashleigh_bran I knew I loved them!
  • alyjusticeThis show is starting to make me mad ! Why can't they pick a bachelor from the outside ... Don't make it someone that's alreAdy been on the show that's what bachelor pad was for
  • katregala@alysonjustice Amen!!!!
  • ngeorge87@alyjusticee I agree! Although for some that had their second go at this, it was good to see but it would be nice to see a fresh face.
  • jgilley3@hannah_gregerson I was maybe stalking this insta, but at least I'm not the only slurpee fan
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