It's alive!! Our new brand entered the world this weekend. Hope you love it as much as we do...
  • refinery29It's alive!! Our new brand entered the world this weekend. Hope you love it as much as we do...

  • pieraluisa@mollywho we love that!
  • blau4blau@pieraluisa of course ill keep visiting I could never quit Refinery, much love to you guys/gals ☺
  • pieraluisa@iamghazal we certainly hope so. It was the biggest project we've ever tackled and we're beyond excited for the new brand and site to be in the world. As with life, it's a work in progress that we can't wait to continue improving on. Thanks for commenting. P
  • pieraluisa@mhediger @jrdnjsph we're working on fixing the font issues. Stay tuned...we're on it!
  • pieraluisa@iamjessicasanchez glad it's not stopping you! I have to admit it took us a little while to develop this logo and we had moments of uncertainty. Once we got it to where it is though we fell for it hard. I really believe in it! Sit with has a power that may just covert you. ✨
  • pieraluisa@otpym 👏👏
  • pieraluisa@mvosper we have 2!
  • jrdnjsph@pieraluisa I think it's badass that you're even responding to these comments and suggestions, whether good or bad. I think it shows you care about your work and it makes me love you guys that much more 💋👯
  • greenhornclubCongrats @refinery29!!!
  • felicitybrighamLove the new options of slideshow viewing and way to go for responding to feedback
  • katypenrodCongratulations @refinery29 !! I have loved you guys for a while and the new site makes me love you even more! Keep up the great work, you rule!!!
  • mldperez@refinery29 love it!
  • keilyyasminExtraordinary job connecting to your viewers and fans! Change is good and you have embraced it! I have embraced the new logo and site ;) can't wait for the reality show! I blogged about your new logo and site and gave my honest opinion. Xoxo @refinery29
  • pieraluisa@jrdnjsph I love that people care enough to have strong feelings and to give us feedback. That relationship with readers is what makes us so passionate about what we do. Thank you! ✨✨
  • pieraluisa@katypenrod thank you! That makes our day.
  • pieraluisa@felicitybrigham we're continuing to improve upon the slide should be even better very soon! We love getting feedback. It helps us improve. 😊
  • pieraluisa@blau4blau the love is mutual. Thanks for reading and for caring! ☺💋
  • laurenkerbelNew layout works especially well for the emails. The only subscription emails I read on a daily basis. Loving the website too! Beautiful, clean design to showcase kickass content! ❤
  • ebony4ugo@pieraluisa you totally made my morning waking up to your sweet comment (@blau4blau is my other handle/kids blog)! That's exactly why we all love Refinery because you guys/gals genuinely show your appreciation & interest back to us consistently! Such a great social media lesson for other brands to learn and implement ENGAGE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE/READERS! Ok I will stomp rambling with all of my exclamation points but you really rocked my socks this morning Ms. @pieraluisa 😘 #lovefest
  • prettypennyclothingSo cool
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