Post photo shoot ruins. I have my night planned out for me. Yikes!
  • elsielarsonPost photo shoot ruins. I have my night planned out for me. Yikes!

  • traci_lymanA pile of things I love!
  • elsielarson@nycnurse thrive furniture 😘
  • nycnurse@elsiecake thx!!
  • neenietribley_fitlifeWhatever the pics are's fine, they are all good and that's why your Blog is so successful. Love you and Emma and as I've stated before, you both are the "Martha Stewarts of a new generation" keep going...keep are going all the way to the most successful you can be. 👍🌟🌟
  • theartofmichelleYeah I definitely want those hanging planters! Gold
  • buberella@portlandmortons Haha why?
  • buberella@elsiecake It makes sense but I started reading your blog when it was a personal blog. It's still sort of presented that way but obviously more of a business now which is fine too. Your blog feels less authentic when we know that everything is staged. It would be nice to see more spontaneity I guess or it all just feels like ads. People like me started reading blogs to get away from corporate women's magazines and interact with real women. We need more of that and less ads in the world. So I guess when I feel like everything is a photo shoot I kind of feel like I'm being sold to instead if talked to. I'm not complaining. Your blog and your business is yours to run however you want and you didn't ask for my opinion. BUT it's something I've been thinking about in terms of all blogs not just yours. Ah well, have a good night, thanks for listening and good luck to ya!
  • icedteacia@buberella I won't lie, I used to read the blog way more often when it was more personal and even sent letters to the girls so in a way I agree. I guess it happens to everyone when they grow and flourish though which is never a bad thing! But I do miss the personal/spontaneous posts :)
  • msbrightsyde@buberella blogs take a lot of hard work and planning. Even homey photos take work setting up. A "photo shoot", as well as planning is a normal part of blogging and isn't indicative of a 'less than authentic' blog. It is indicative of a quality blog and photographer. @elsiecake is doing us a great service by sharing this aspect of her personal life, which is beautiful and we should feel privileged to be involved at all, not critical of her creative process.
  • aliciaknitsBlogging and instagram can be authentic if you want. I have a harder time making sure mine is authentic, because setting stuff up is way more visually pleasing and interesting to others. There comes a point when everyone has to decide, is this for me?? Or for strangers?? And I'm fine with whatever, as long as you're honest about it. If it is a photoshoot for a blog or heck, even IG, honesty is awesome. What I CAN'T stand is an obviously set up shot being played off as candid.
  • mrskaseyleeI secretly miss the old blog too. Oh wells...
  • buberella@icedteacia Yeah that's all I'm saying. They're obviously doing a good job but I wish it were a little more personal or something. Maybe a little more messy. They don't need to splash their lives across the Internet but I dunno be dorks or something sometimes. Give us some personality!
  • buberella@beatuproadsign Haha
  • estartrek@buberella I totally understand what you are talking about because I have notice the evolution of the blog too but I really appreciate their work and even if it's different from the first years of the blog I still love it. We all change so... I am ok with it!@elsiecake keep going, I love every single post on ABM and you are such an inspiration.✌💛
  • sincerelytessLove this and all of you ABM girls! Much love from Kansas City! 💛
  • spotted_roseI had a dream last night that I was an intern with you girls and it was sooo fun! It's an amazing business you have built for yourself and you have the best job in the world! X I love all your tutorials and the e course I am doing! Can't wait for the book and wish I could actually work with you! Haha x lots of love x
  • robinsonleeshaI've read Elsie's blog from the very beginning. I personally find it so exciting to see how her life has evolved into something so magnificent. Being from Springfield myself, it's almost comforting to know that you don't have to be in New York or LA to do the things you love doing. Sometimes I catch myself thinking 'I wanna live like that. I want to be able to experience a little bit of everything.' You are truly inspiring to all girls of Springfield, MO. 💘
  • hi.imcelenaLove that couch! Where'd you get it?
  • dfinmThat is one messy couch
  • emmybuf@lifeandsnapshots it's from
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