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  • elessajadeMy Macro pics will never be the same again!! So excited!! I tried the S8300
    But couldn't see my eye so it was way too hard. ( All my recent eye photos were taken on the fuji s8300) But now I can see it all. Hawaii here I come!! Those beautiful flowers will be captured like no other. Don't forget to sign up for my class with @shopvioletvoss info is on elessajade.com. Costco has this for $100 off!! I can't wait to try this out! #fujih550

  • ally_riotThis the camera I'm hoping to get! I was so impressed by it! You're going to love it!!! :)
  • gennyvieExcited to see the amazing pictures! Yay
  • elessajade@ally_riot oh good!! I have a weakness for cameras. I like them so much. Hahaha
  • dj.crazy.beautifulI have this camera! Its real good
  • elessajadeThank you @dj_crazy_beautiful I'm so excited!!
  • ally_riotSo do I! I really wanted the canon rebel t4 until I saw this one. And it's a bit cheaper which doesn't hurt either lol
  • elessajade@ally_riot the canon t5i is great for video and photos but their macro lens is $500+ but it doesn't produce the same macro shots like this Fuji. The macro 100mm 2.8 macro has too much bokeh and doesn't have the same crispness for macro eye shots. So odd.
  • ally_riotI know you'd think with all the extra money you're spending you would be getting the best but, nope. Fuji is really stepping up their game!!
  • elessajade@ally_riot lol agreed. I mean canon is amazing just not top notch for eye looks lol
  • elessajade@newbeautyreview 👰👰👰 lol
  • marjoriedelacYay !!! I'm excited with you !!! Hahah 💁💁
  • marjoriedelacI can't wait for your future pics !
  • lvmakeupI freaking love 80s music!!
  • elessajade@marjoriedelac yay!! Thanks
  • elessajade@lvmakeup 🎼🎶🎵🎧🎤
  • instaazarHow's the zooming and autofocusing? Is it slow and does it make sound when zooming? I was thinking of buying the same.. Thanks for replying and have fun in hawai ;) @elessajade
  • smashley0981@elessajade Nice!! :)
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