Amy is symphonic ROCKIN this crowd tonight in San Diego.  So much fun!
  • brandonheathAmy is symphonic ROCKIN this crowd tonight in San Diego. So much fun!

  • jen77_rWow
  • brookie.hamlinYou might not see this, but you are a huge inspiration to me. You are my hero and I am thankful for you and the songs you have written. I love every one of your songs. I almost took my life because all the stress and hate people had towards me. Until one day I heard Your Love on Pandora and I instantly fell in love with the song. I listened to the whole album Leaving Eden and it gave me hope. Your songs made me so happy about life. You are my hero and your songs saved me from taking my life. You are amazing. Thank you Brandon.
  • sara_mongrain@brandonheath Saw you in Seattle.. Amazing 😍❤😘
  • candycanez13Every time someone i love is in San Diego I'm busy with my church. Next time we need to plan to go to these things instead!!! xD
  • kenzie_eslynWaz up? Chi-Town.....BZE....Muah...Muah.
  • mrodgers25I agree!! Amy was amazing!! And so were you!!! "Paul Brown Petty" brought tears to my eyes!
  • poopdolla777When are y'all going to Texas ?
  • poopdolla777@brandonheath
  • daisybug412What?!? How'd I miss this?
  • hollie_edenI love you @brandonheath 😘😍😇💖
  • shaybee13Such a good show!
  • coronacuevaHahaha cuando fue D:
  • ourmendenWhy aren't you performing at rock the universe or night of joy? @brandonheath
  • kenzie_eslynAll u need is is all u need.
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