I've always wanted this #MichaelKors #watch for so long and now I have it! Yay! All I need is a #rosegold watch. Perhaps next year...
  • pianistmiriI've always wanted this #MichaelKors #watch for so long and now I have it! Yay! All I need is a #rosegold watch. Perhaps next year...

  • pianistmiri#Fashionablymiri #fashion #luxury #instaglam
  • iroasaranIf my memory is correct, this watch was what U were wanting 1 yr ago! when U got 2nd watch next to the 1st Tommy Hilfiger's one.
  • pianistmiri@iroasaran U've got amazing memory! Yes, back then it was $450+ so I hesitated... Thanks to #nsale, I got it at reasonable price. The price's still steeper than what I bought last year but badly wanted this for so long. And I think this model is discontinuing.
  • iroasaranOh! I'm surprised myself! Haha! Next Sat,our office will held yrly summer festival! & I remember that the last yrs festival day, I looked ur previous watch info. & ur next targeting watch, on the way to office festival venue! And to tell truth, at that time, I tried to define what's ur next watch! But it was sorry, the image is not so clear and I couldn't define! Haha! If I could check it out clearly, I might gift it to U last X'mas!?
  • iroasaranBut I know U'd decline my gift of that expensive thing! and U might ask me to send x'mas card or such simple one!!
  • iroasaranNow what's the next target watch? Rose gold one!? Tell me it! Of course, I never gift it to U! But I'm curious about what U like!!
  • pianistmiri@iroasaran Looks like I may have to refund this watch. Dang, a little piece broke off on the bracelet & it won't be covered by usual warranty. And this was already sold out at Nordstrom. What a sad day! 😔😭
  • pianistmiri@iroasaran I think it came broke and didn't realize this till now. 😢😥
  • pianistmiri@iroasaran Think whether I need to exchange this to the exact same one or just go with rosegold. This watch seems to be very fragile as the band is made of ceramic/porcelain. I'm a bit worried...
  • iroasaranOMG! It hs pieces broken! I only looked this watch on ur photo,& 1st impression is "looks elegant on face design & pearl-like band r excellent!!" It's made of ceramic! Usually ceramic is weak at clacking. But nowadays there's strong/durable ceramics r available.... Ask exchange to new one of the same type!! I like it!!
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