• michellephanHighlight.

  • regbonerActually I wanna watch the 5 videos more then I wanna have the iPad mini....
  • imma.kill.u.macParis Jackson is my greatest inspiration and I'm empowered by God and his ways
  • nromzzMy mother
  • ammyylYOU
  • cherylxjohnsonThe past and all that everythings been thru empowers me, that we have to learn from mistakes and learn how to let go and moves on and just learn to be better in everything and try not to make the same mistakes #empowerme
  • tbhnehaWill... The world there are so many place and so many thing new thing to old and you never know where life going to take you out there. I don't have one thing in my life becouse if i lose that one thing then there the hole world out there waiting for you and you can just stop with some but the thing that #empowerme is LIFE. You never now where y'all end up.
  • ellen_judith_MAKEUP
  • __a.t.h.e.n.a__You empower me and my heart to keep going forward for what the future beholds
  • mosa.attanice
  • houghlandEverything that inspire me to do what I love
  • _cielo3I like your videos on youtube of u and Promise Phan u guys are my fav @michellefawn
  • alessandraadelgattoU
  • monkeygirl413You empower me
  • monkeygirl413You are so amazing
  • monkeygirl413@michellefawn
  • ellafullerYou empower me I want it so bad! I love your tutorials and my close group of friends all were then and my mom it's crazy how empowering you are ily
  • sarah_thomasenSo sparkly✨💕😋✨✨✨
  • caitlynlamadridI love you Michelle!
  • allison_jones_20Hey @michellefawn I watch your tutorials all the time but I don't have a lot of followers could you please give me a shout out Instagram is the only thing I have to communicate to people and I'm not very popular in school #problem #love #empower
  • marwaalrousiWow
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