Scenes from today's #BroncosCamp practice
  • broncosScenes from today's #BroncosCamp practice

  • cooljayguy32Can't wait till season starts
  • randaddy21Even the haters gotta check out the boys!!!!!! Love it!
  • okrainbows@pipi_hegi hahahahahajaaa haha
  • crazyeighties@denverbroncos if Von Miller is found to have taken the drugs he should be banned from the sport Lance Armstrong was banned from cycling, if found to be guilty miller should be banned from football...
  • broncos_760Can't wait!!!!!!!!! #GoBroncos
  • cruzp23@crazyeighties your stupid! von ddnt take performance enhancing drugs theres a huge difference
  • crazyeighties@cruzp23 I'm not going to argue with you drugs are drugs. Think about the kids that look up to these professional athletes and see them doing drugs and not facing any serious retribution. It would teach young players coming into the game to not take drugs be they performance enhancing drugs or illicit drugs if they do they would be banned from the sport. Lastly I'm not stupid I did not imply that Von took performance enhancing drugs I used Armstrong as a example. The difference is not huge when you look at the rules and Federal laws! Performance enhancing drugs and illicit drugs are against the rules of the NFL and marihuana is still illegal on the federal level, You don't know me so you have no right to be calling me names. Don't de disrespectful.
  • asimon_0707Great idea. Ban every athlete who breaks a league rule. What he did is legal in Colorado. The difference between miller and Armstrong is Armstrong did it yo gain a competitive advantage miller did not. Your statement is a joke that's why it was treated as so @crazyeighties
  • hitman_334@crazyeighties man be quiet wit that shit... why would they ban em from football... that sounds stupid... just as @asimon_0707 said how many people fell ah drug test in professional sports....
  • theeddiedavis@crazyeighties so your saying over 100 players in the nfl should be banned? Everyone makes mistakes. Ray Lewis was a key part of a murder investigation and he turned his life around and is a huge inspiration to kids and adults. If no one was allowed second chances in life we would all just be a bunch of fuckups.
  • theeddiedavis@crazyeighties and that is coming from someone who is EXTREMELY disappointed in Von miller
  • cruzp23@crazyeighties your a flat out moron! kick him out the league 2 years after a faild drug test from his rookie year! freedom of speech i can call you whatever i want!
  • bchamps24@cruzp23 You must be a chargers fan, maybe even a friend of Philip Rivers you scared bro...
  • inlwatkinsWe are taking our kids to see them practice today. They are excited!!!!
  • cruzp23@bchamps24 dafuq u on about im a broncos fan till i die!! go read @crazyeighties comments and youll see what im on about
  • cbear1314@theeddiedavis okay I agree with everything except ray. He wasn't a key part, he was their guy. He was the murderer..
  • kingbrooks6Amazing team @hluchanek
  • elwandat@marzmarley yes that's him
  • g0ldie.l0cs@elwandat lol this just popped up on my IG the other day and I'm like...hey! I know him! Go Lamar!!!
  • d_spiceonePeyton
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