I have the best Nanny in the world! Isn't she the best?
  • treycanardI have the best Nanny in the world! Isn't she the best?

  • kristentosh24She is!!! 😍
  • laura.204Love this!
  • miss_kay23She is so adorable! I wish I could take care of her!! :) I am almost a nurse and I love talking with patients about their kids and grandkids! Hope she's doing well! :) God bless!
  • _keepingupwith_jacksRockin that four 1
  • rivas_dad5Awesome 👵
  • trevorbeere@treycanard If she supports you I would say she is the best. By the way trey thanks for the inspiration, you don't really know me but I got a poster signed by you with a scripture on it cause we both broke our backs around the same time. Galatians 6:9 is the one u put on the poster, and it is so true! Unfortunately I am not able to walk or ride anymore but I'm sincerely glad god spared you another chance at chancing the dream and being one of the top Moto riders in the world. Your an awesome person and an inspiration to many!! So thanks trey keep up the hard work...
  • kyle_schwanzMy grandfather passed today... bummed..
  • abalabsi_uaeYou will be better
  • andycourtwright@schwanz583 that sucks man, I know how it feels. Keep your head up.
  • milou100With dc shirt !! So good !!!nanny style !!!
  • elifondren_02Yeah...ahhhh....with dc shirt nanny style...rep'in out trey😃...
  • austinlarge1She is wherein your shirt ! Awwwhhh. @treycanard
  • jackbmxcThat is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life, tell her I say hi!!!!
  • hatfieldhShe is absolutely the best nanny EVER!
  • elias.heindorfI like her *-* shes realy cool
  • what_the_braaap@mxrider_763
  • caden.cruikshankYes
  • ktm_pro_982Hahahaha😂😂
  • dustinpoole625Yes she is
  • thereal331Yep
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