waits at the window,wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door,who is it 4?
  • adriannecurrywaits at the window,wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door,who is it 4?

  • majestic.meSo sorry Adrianne ♡
  • rebecca5evanI'm so sorry about your kitty :(. I lost my dog 3 months ago and she was almost 20. I still do double takes thinking she's right behind me :'(
  • malikshaahwe need less tears and more ass and tits!!
  • brussell41Eleanor Rigby. Sorry about your cat...never easy.
  • misselizabeth666@malikshaah come on dude. Her kitty cat died, leave her alone abt tits and ass. Do a google image search of her if u wants tits and ass
  • phukurhatYa u guys are assholes jesus have a little respect,sry to hear about your cat if thats really whats up thats harsh
  • nikej63I'm sorry about your kitty. They are like children.
  • chewtobackaspitAll the lonely people..where do they belong.
  • rychu79Sorry for your loss
  • thinkfastVery sorry to hear the bad news about your kitty.
  • fishslayer01I have five crazy kittens in my garage you're welcome to...
  • phlnthrpcgrlim sorry for ur loss. it's never easy.
  • malikshaah@misselizabeth666 shut up bitch
  • mathewtitusAdrianne - you need more cats. The more you have - the less it hurts.
  • hmsalvaI'm so sorry...
  • tonybaccidesignsCats & dogs are the best!!!..I almost didn't get another dog after my first one died..but I did..they love ,they care they're always there for you & of course I cried when my first one died..& I will cry again whenever the one we have now dies..They're people to me🐕😉✔👍❤
  • tonybaccidesignsI wish I could hug ya right now Adrianne..I share your sadness sweetie😘 Hugzzzzzzz
  • da1jewlMy belated condolences hunty.🐾😽🐾 💐💦 😚 Get. Another cat if you haven't already baby girl 💟
  • misselizabeth666@malikshaah ??? Bit hostile no? Whats ur fuckin problem dude?
  • sav619Disrespectful turd @malikshaah
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