Poor Lem. He's going through some dark times.
  • veronicaPoor Lem. He's going through some dark times.

  • beccacanoteIt's hard out there for a space dragon
  • raistlinsghostI feel like being the mascot for a book club, he should've got the spelling of scorch right.
  • cordeliaearleCan you (or anyone) explain what 'lemming' a book means, please? I've Googled and can't find the explanation anywhere.
  • veronica@cordeliaearle the first group pick I ever gave up on was Memoirs Found in a Bathtub by Stanislaw Lem. "Lemming" was born soon after.
  • cordeliaearle@veronica thank you so much. Do you know how long that's been annoying me? Lol.
  • veronica@shelbi808 no
  • p_fasanoLol ^
  • mattieuhorakMy Favorite cyborg dragon man I miss that dragon
  • w13rd0You weren't alone in Lemming memoirs. And that's coming from someone that's actually liked some of his work.
  • rxsheepxrLol, "scortch."
  • neverwhere2306I miss the Sword and Laser YouTube episodes :s
  • brian1625🐲🔥
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