This almost makes being at the dentist's ok.
  • mobyThis almost makes being at the dentist's ok.

  • sarahfauAwesome view!
  • mashagvUgh, I'm at the dentist too. I see a side of a building and crazy people in the east village.
  • count_alexandernice view... i love the terra cotta details on that building!
  • yoannthefrenchWAOUHHHHH
  • aileenm77That's a cool view... I work in a dentist and I wish this was mine 😷
  • gabstersmittyLove the architectural detailing on that building on the left. Beautiful.
  • murdaballI miss my NYC dentist!
  • 123yazThis is beautiful!!
  • eri_fuentesjajaja dentists are lovely and inoffensive creatures .... 😷😇😎don't be afraid of them!!!
  • courtney_says_hiWouldn't blame you
  • jose_b1c0kWow!!
  • flowerpower1969Come at moma I'm performing
  • charissevhAwesome photo, love the perspective and colors
  • ppeterpalGreat pix
  • kenrinkerAlmost, but Nitrous Oxide will actually make it ok.
  • unkle_tThat's one thing I like about the city of New York: the architecture
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