Blogger @natalieoffduty picks our @aerie bedazzled bra as her holiday fave! What's your favorite style?#merryaerie
  • aerieBlogger @natalieoffduty picks our @aerie bedazzled bra as her holiday fave! What's your favorite style?#merryaerie

  • clocloccI work for store 880 and u need to extend arie onto us!!
  • missjewely_You guys really should work on what sizes you have available- I measured to be a 30A at your store, but NOTHING that's cute comes in that size. Why so willing to accommodate larger sizes- 38DD/40D- but not smaller ones? And this is also speculation but I swear your sizes have changed. My old 32A bras from aerie used to fit fine, albeit a bit large in the cup, but every 32A I try on now is too big in both cup AND band. I'd blame it on me possibly losing weight but how would that make since if my old ones still fit fine? Maybe your instagram isn't the best place to complain but I don't know think y'all have a complaint department haha. In any case, still love the bras- just wish I could wear them.
  • missjewely_*make sense (oops)
  • missdolliexoI'm going to be an aerie model one day just sayingggggg!
  • juliabaker@notsnowhite you can order 30A online and if you do it in the store its free shipping! (: Also, everyones
  • aerie@notsnowhite Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us! We can understand where you are coming from. It can be a challenge to find your perfect fit. We have got your back! Or, well... front. :) Our new Blakely and our Hannah bra fits come in 30A. Plus, they come in super cute prints and great colors!
  • missjewely_@juliabaker ah- thanks babe! And thank you @aerie, I still hope to see more styles come with 30A but I tried blakely on the other day and loved her. Perfect for everyday so I guess it'll tide me over for now- thanks for replying!!
  • 3mi1y7Is that red?
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