My maiden voyage on Instagram. Will bring you behind-the-scenes of the Presidency.
  • petesouza44My maiden voyage on Instagram. Will bring you behind-the-scenes of the Presidency.

  • karilappalainenGood start
  • missprimeroGreat Work! I love your photos. My Dream job is one day to cover the president!! Thanks for sharing!!
  • tolbertaliJust looked at them all. God continue to bless you.
  • marciasouzaofficialI love this Seal of the United States of America! whish to have one...on my living room. ..May God bless America,land that I love, stand beside and guide her thru the LIGHT shine from above ! OUT OF MANY, THE ONE!
  • marciasouzaofficialThank you Mr PeteSouza!I Love your pictures!
  • cocow1957Just started following and looked thru your post, really amazing pictures a
  • thecatballI had to scroll all the way to the first post, just because I wondered what it would be. The seal! Of course!
  • spawkupId love to work as a photographer for the White House, but I know how hard that would be. Love your work!
  • spawkup@petesouza ^
  • muntuanhDear Sir, I am living in Vietnam. May I ask you for a favor regarding the photograph? Thanks for the feedback :) Have a nice day
  • cnicoletti17@petesouza I just scrolled through the entire feed up until now. It is really wonderful to see your style evolve on this platform. The latter images capture a profound intimacy that I believe is very refreshing. As we near the November elections, I can't help but think how special many of these shots will become in just a few months from now. You can't help but notice how many hugs are given, children are listened too, and discernment is practiced while looking through these. Thanks for your hard work, and thank you to the @whitehouse for the care and attention you have brought these pat two terms
  • killtheballmediaThank you for sharing your work with us Pete. #gratitude
  • ladyjane747From your maiden voyage to your final destination Thank you for sharing this truly remarkable journey ... please keep posting, you have a lifetime of memories to share with us #gratitude
  • octaviansotoivYour work is amazing 👏🏽 God bless.
  • eli_kibomaI will miss this on my feed @petesouza44
  • lia_butarbutarjust finshed scrolling your entire page @petesouza44 😊
  • edwinakulegoThank you for all of the wonderful moments you have shared with us. Well done and many blessings to you and your family
  • intikhab_alam_khanEvery picture has a different story to tell !! Very very interesting.
  • carlisndemoWhat a journey it has been! Both the infinite scroll and the last 8 years. Thanks for the memories.
  • magical_journeyPete thank you for capturing these wonderful moments in our shared history, and the timeless grace of a good man and leader.
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