It's a must I put on for my city even when I'm in China!! #Akron #330 #Springhill602 #StriveForGreatness
  • kingjamesIt's a must I put on for my city even when I'm in China!! #Akron #330 #Springhill602 #StriveForGreatness

  • joe_houghton15LeBron can u plz add me as one of ur friends
  • dhradiskyI want that hat
  • sandro_schiavo@kingjames for game 4 can you put on a headband for me I think you would do better with a headband and keep on driving to the basket because the have Andrew in the paint green is not going to do anything but foul and you get free throw at the line which are money for you and I think you should take more pump fakes to drive more and stop curry to win know easy threes 👌🏻 keep on going strong to the rim 💪🏻 do not for get to were your headband and dunk for me to @kingjames
  • shabazzzzzzzzzzzzzzAnother element to winning the Championship.
  • shabazzzzzzzzzzzzzzWho ever wins will be the first player born in Akron to win the Championship.
  • shabazzzzzzzzzzzzzzSteph is the lil homie.
  • shabazzzzzzzzzzzzzzSteph don't rep Akron.
  • shabazzzzzzzzzzzzzzSteph don't know what its like to be from Akron.
  • shabazzzzzzzzzzzzzzLeBron is the King of Akron.
  • shabazzzzzzzzzzzzzzKing James.
  • gmholmesjrDon't know if you will read this Lebron... But I've been a true Fan since the beginning years of your career. I too have been a Fan of The Cavaliers and Remained through out the Lebron Drought. I want to say Thank You for what you have done. No one can question your greatness. You displayed it every night you step on the Hardwood. I am sad we did not win it all. But as coach said if the book does not end with a happy ending, it doesn't mean it wasn't a great book. I Respect you for coming back home, changing the environment, and make this organization a contender once again. Next Season will hold greater things. In Due Time, you will be stamped the greatest of all time. Thank You!
  • gmholmesjrStepped on the hardwood*******
  • _estystayrich11@peter.203 his hat😂
  • yrn.peterIt's funny cuss he was in Miami @estystayrich 💀💀😂
  • _estystayrich11It has the Miami fire tale😂 @peter.203
  • _estystayrich11Imagine if they put that on the cavs logo @peter.203
  • yrn.peterBruh @estystayrich
  • rileylenzoU mad bout them bricks
  • drewreal_soYou are the best player ever .......I be knowing 👀
  • han.nicholson@sam.mckayy Wtf is this
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