The #RoyalBaby has arrived! Tune in to E! News tonight at 7 & 11:30p for the latest baby news!
  • enewsThe #RoyalBaby has arrived! Tune in to E! News tonight at 7 & 11:30p for the latest baby news!

  • a.ku.xoxoCongrats William and Kate
  • carolmbarker03#EXCITING
  • camilajulien@cristinalee hahahah viu? Agora vc n esquecera mais de mim!
  • foreveralwaysme@zwilk Whose talking trash now? Just what I've seen on 'social media' alot of tge trash talking coming from the states about the royal couple, wouldn't expect you to understand given the country your in.. but hey thats life & I'm glad NEW ZEALAND is not that important thats why we don't get the bombs... No offense right..?
  • zwilkJust remember that if anything happens to the United States the rest of the world is screwed. @forgetmenot69
  • foreveralwaysmeAnyway.. brighter not to salute the britist colonies - Congrats to Will and Katerine ob your beautiful baby, sendding Love & Light from Aotearoa ♡♥♡
  • foreveralwaysmeOops *brighter note.. stupid autocorrect.. *on not ob lolz and *sending with one d hehe
  • foreveralwaysme@zwilk Yayyy !!! Exactly.. Thats why lil NZ know how to live off the land if shit flys the fan.. So we not useless or 'not important' after all.. LOL..
  • joesman14Wwow wat a great day
  • foreveralwaysme@zwilk Anyway, it wss nice to discuss tge facts of life with you someone I dont know from a bar of soap. Hope your country treats you well. Good day OR night? :) (Daytime here in NZ)
  • zwilkKeep telling yourself that. @forgetmenot69
  • foreveralwaysme@zwilk I tell myself everyday ;)
  • liatshaked🌸❤🌸❤
  • _anasofiam💙💙
  • ralphydoeNoone cares
  • jccy_19So happy the future king was born :)
  • carolmbarker03I missed the presentation. Did they introduce the baby?
  • carolmbarker03Khloe kardashian posted great pics of baby intro compared to princess Diana's. Love them.
  • bevargumanizThat's because Charles is a fruit cake. His son is a man and will be a fantastic father and husband.
  • branchin_outShare* @thedarkkight
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