First tube ride of the trip... #kidride #slow #nobodygothurt
  • juleshoughFirst tube ride of the trip... #kidride #slow #nobodygothurt

  • mackieejohnson@jordyn_rudolph does that not look like Ginny in the back
  • jordyn_rudolphHoly poop it does!!! @mackieejohnson
  • 0qii1الطبيعه شي
  • hadenhintonMy fav to do on the river !
  • whagtaga_This thing about that chick that said something is so stupid like honestly no one cares about either of your opinions!!
  • alisonwigleyyClearly they care enough about mine to start shit with me .
  • clediSorry @wigsss I didn't realize you were 15. I thought you were older. I wouldn't have said anything if I knew. When I was 14 I was crazy obsessed w n sync
  • carrie_fitsandgiggleslol @wigsss you should love yourself more than anything (or anyone)...that would be the normal thing to say rather then intensely expressing how much you care for someone whom you've never even met (I'm sure she's amazing) Sometimes it's best to not say TOO much, it can come off a bit odd no matter what age you are. Like the whole crying thing & not to mention getting a tattoo of her name.....I thought you said you were 15? Where are your parents? Pretty sure you'll regret that when you become an adult. But every little kid has an idol growing up- nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Just tone it down a bit & you probably wouldn't get this reaction from people. & yes, she has an incredible story, but create & live your own story.
  • thedameintlWell said @carrie_ruth87 :) and who tattoos a 15yr old!?
  • zoro1980saHappy Family
  • angillesaI have that same life jacket
  • mrs_ashmadsen@shmell22 what are you doing with Julianne Hough? Love her...and you of course :)
  • alisonwigleyy@carrie_ruth87 ^
  • alisonwigleyyOh and btw, thank you for coming at me in a calm way instead of calling me a stalker . My anxiety is off the roof right now with all these people & the way you came to me was very mature. But I don't need opinions from anyone else. Clearly, I do what I want . I am myself and I live up to that "be yourself" stuff . I mean I make most of my clothes myself. I just liked the way her hair was ... And as far as the tattoo. Her songs and her dances changed my life, so that's basically the reason for the tattoo. If I regret , oh well. It'll brig back memories from my childhood that I can never get back. When ever my parents died, she's all I had. You don't understand what I went through to get to this point of love for her. All I wanted to do was meet her and tell her how much she means to me and I expressed it through a tattoo. It doesn't matter to me what anyone thinks , it's my body & my life and if its how I decide to live it and I'm happy with it then you shouldn't have the right to sit here and judge me for it . @carrie_ruth87
  • minnisteph@wigsss I feel like you're making up half of this stuff as you go along. And if you dont want people commenting on your comments, you probably shouldnt make such obscene public statements #justsayin #dramaqueen #attentionfene
  • hannahwpetersonPreach 🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏 @minnisteph
  • sandra_dee12@carrie_ruth87 couldn't have said it better my self
  • shop777Beautiful family pic. .
  • selena_demi_OMG I LOVE tubing
  • alearaujo07Ahh creo q en el camping resort o en el abalon hay algo parecido a eso @gabygaby15
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