Catherine Zeta-Jones looks wonderful in a hula hoop.
  • theellenshowCatherine Zeta-Jones looks wonderful in a hula hoop.

  • farhiyo.anotice @benjaminlasnier
  • coman0803fun
  • amy__comberShe looks like a less Chavey version of tellisa
  • meganchalupkaEllen, I really hope you read this. I really love your show and you are the best. You help people who need help, and you are just so amazing. It would be my dream to meet you. You are so inspiring to me. I just wanted to say that you are the most inspiring woman ever. Love from your #1 fan, Megan Chalupka
  • b3duranLol @amd_88
  • naturesbueatyI watch your show all the time love it
  • jennie_116I love u Ellen I watch your show all the time I'm your biggest fan
  • madisonxking_How can I get on your show I am an amazing dancer and my parents would be so proud if I got on your show!!!!😊😃💛💙💜💚❤LOVE YOU
  • ellengantoCATHERINE!!<3
  • danielle_danger@theellenshow you're so perfect Ellen. I wish I could be on your show.
  • javin.c13Hi Ellen I have the best grandma in the world
  • javin.c13She always watches your show
  • cindysantos21OMG Ellen u should do a game where 4 people try to put as much skittles in their mouth in 30 seconds then in a second round they have a single color and they have to put as much of their color in their mouth in 30 seconds then the winner gets a prize
  • javin.c13My grandma would love to meet u
  • derpykimI could do that
  • lyricsky1Thats mah mama
  • kate_grnk21Yea Ellen
  • mariabruno7💀
  • malou_boukjeI freaking love her!
  • bimby1471Oh!!! Catherine, I'm huge fan of yours..
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