Ari is too cool for school! #peaceouthomies!
  • juleshoughAri is too cool for school! #peaceouthomies!

  • katkelleyOh. My. God. Could this picture get ANY cuter?! You look good Jules.
  • taylorperkinssmith@jamiebarnhart look it's the girl's swimsuit! :)
  • jlondon29Love you haircut!!!💇
  • caitmay_Sooooo cute!
  • emmaschaddelI honestly am in love with you and @ninadobrev
  • angy_ahmedU look like @chelseakane
  • joyep115I love your hair too...youthful and fun!
  • lenelaudShe is just the sweetest little thing <3
  • tauja94I love the Barbie suitcase in the background!
  • adryelleacso cute <3
  • meghanlovesudAweee<3
  • eloynogueraPure style
  • kyraelisabeth90You sparkle in every way :)
  • cecilia_amori loved you in safe haven!!!!
  • lovelylyssmusicthats the shirt that u and i both got at #blink when i ran into you:) !! @juleshough
  • my_preciousnesssxx👯
  • chasewarrenmusicYou got your ✨shine on✨ :)
  • cilliaa13Aaaaw so cute ^^
  • tianna.capenerJulianne, I'm 18 and getting ready to go to byu. I grew up in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My family has been my only support system. All my lds girl friends fell away. I only dated non members and hung out with non members. I admire you and I think that you are incredibly talented and so lucky in many ways. But I don't understand how you turn your back from the lord and all the bless that were in store for you. You're about to be married to a handsome man, but what about eternity? Don't you want to be with someone forever, not just til death do you part? I know you know all the truths, and I know you had or have some sort of testimony of Heavenly Father. I wish you were an active member. You'd be such a great example to so many people. More than several missionaries could ever dream of. I couldn't turn my back on a temple marriage or my lord and savior for the riches in the world. I know that you're making decisions based on what you think is best for you. You're still such an amazing actress and I love your roles in footloose and safe haven. Best of wishes to you.
  • tianna.capener@juleshough
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