90degrees gridlock, LIE coming into GCP. I love coming home
  • chefaz90degrees gridlock, LIE coming into GCP. I love coming home

  • los.unoCome to Brooklyn hit me up .. We go get something to eat
  • heidelahTake 25A!
  • onehundredtablesBummer
  • aaronheatonMake the most of it and eat the bug on the windshield
  • jflyfishFly from Montauk to Republic -- Southwest from there. The owner of the marina is a pilot w/a plane.
  • mynameiszimSat there for an hour the other day @chefaz
  • hiddenbostonThe LIE is the worst. Tough to avoid in that area, though.
  • richardsonartist#28. Could be a powerball number
  • mcz530LIE is as it says, a big lie!!! It's no expressway. More like parking lot.
  • char_nolanNext time, take 25A. Not an easy trek.
  • paul_reoGarden city park? Or grand central parkway... @chefaz
  • mitchspi75@chefaz are you coming to flushing mall tonight so we can watch your queens episode together tonight ?
  • samanthadreillyOh, are u coming over for dinner, ill make you an eggplant parm hero! Swing by hicksville **wink!
  • diaveras@chefaz really don't miss that at all!
  • etomosieskiAll too familiar #groan
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