1200 signatures = a very sore right hand #mylittlefrenchkitchen
  • rachelkhooks1200 signatures = a very sore right hand #mylittlefrenchkitchen

  • simran.bassiLy rachel Khoo!!!!!
  • pussindocs1200 lucky readers 👍💓
  • beesalmonOh my goodness @rachelkhooks what an achievement bet your now exhausted as well as having a sore hand /arm . Did you sign them all in one session ?
  • tommypang89Omg where can I get my hands on one of these!!
  • rachelkhooksYep! Took me 2 hours.
  • rachelkhooks@tommypang89 they'll be bound into the new book #mylittlefrenchkitchen and sent to the independent book shops to sell
  • designedtoat@rachelkhooks any idea when and where they would be available. You mentioned independent bookshops..In the UK??? I'm from Sydney AUS and heading to the UK the first week of September. Am trying to get something like this as a gift for my D-I-L. If I can pick one up in the UK while I'm there, happy days...as Jamie Oliver would say...LOL
  • helencerny@designedtoat It's not available until October. You can pre order it on Amazon
  • designedtoat@helencernoch I wonder...will any of them be the signed ones??? I'm hoping to find /buy one as a special birthday gift for my D-I-L (apprentice pastry chef) who just loves Rachel.
  • mollybmelton@rachelkhooks whats your fan mail address or how can i get your autograph! I love youuuu
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