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  • tristanjamesbutlerRocky and Bullwinkle statue being removed after how many years on Sunset?

  • 7lkystarsWhy?
  • samongeSad :( I miss the Marlboro man too. An absolut bottle is not Iconic
  • tristanjamesbutler@7lkystars I guess the new "Posh Pet Care" thought it was cramping their style...
  • 7lkystarsLame
  • deweb88I hope it finds a new publicly viewable home.
  • cocoamonsairAll the great things are being taken down for temporary crap ! BRING BACK ROCKY& BULLWINKLE !!
  • alisonmartinoI think It's going to Dreamworks. But I can't get any confirmation
  • poshpetcare@tristanjamesbutler I own PoshPetCare and take offense to that. This was a decision of the landlord. There was a significant crack in the internal structure. We lobbied to get this to someone who would restore it. Dreamworks came through so it did not end up in a trash heap. Fixing these structures is very expensive.
  • tristanjamesbutler@poshpetcare I meant no offense! Glad it is finding a good home. From the outside one could only draw the conclusion that a new tenant wanted it removed, being that it had been there for so long. I wish you all the best in your new venture as I am sure you will miss R and B as much as anyone who's cruised the strip for the last umpteenth years. p.s. if I had a dog, I would bring him to @poshpetcare and get him some posh pet care!
  • tristanjamesbutler@poshpetcare ....but you have to admit, the "Hollywood Hounds" sign was pretty awesome..
  • tristanjamesbutler@samonge It's now a huge iPad with changing apps on it!
  • kelli_dawncrack in the statue and YES going to Dreamworks and they are gonna fix it (so they say...) Not sure where it will go after that.
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