Toaster resting up after the raccoon attacked him. To see the video visit: youtube/kevinrose
  • kevinroseToaster resting up after the raccoon attacked him. To see the video visit: youtube/kevinrose

  • murphdog456Hope toaster is not toasted hope he's ok
  • gladdyeliz@nadyabutterfly
  • websitedesignerguyHope he's ok xxx
  • _addie_girl_Aww. Imm so srru
  • punkinpie83@kevinrose I'm glad you save toaster such a cute little dog you have feel better#toaster
  • hawt_tamaleFeel better Toaster. ~ 🐶 @kevinrose you are a hero!
  • alberta.dogventures@_shelbyjulien_ well, he doesn't have a property. He clearly lives in an apartment with stairs leading to an alley (or something), which I'd assume there would be not so many good people or animals roaming in there late at night. His dog may be good, but you never know with animals or people. No matter what, I still watch or walk outside with my dogs, fenced in or not. It obviously took Kevin some time to get to his dog when it was being attacked (at least the video made it seem that way). If we would have been watching or attending to his dog, the event would not have happened. Just a thought.
  • gohamrU rock Kevin
  • alyssa_duncannYou're lame . He did the right thing . Just shut up . @moveldogs
  • alyssa_duncannIm glad toaster is ok . If any raccoon hurt my dog i wouldve been waaaay more aggressive . I probably would kill it considering my dog is like my baby and if anything hurts him i wouldn't hesitate to demolish it . It would wish it was never born .
  • alyssa_duncannI watch way to many action movies .
  • alyssa_duncannLol
  • alyssa_duncannAnd he lives in a condo . Witch means, HE OWNS THE PROPERTY DIPSHIT . Hes a smart man Im pretty sure he wouldn't leave his dog outside unattended . The was a little fence i think it was . I mean really ??? You seriously think he would leave his dog down stairs of the apartment (that he doesn't live in) ? Idk but to me that doesn't make since . @moveldogs
  • alyssa_duncannThere *
  • alberta.dogventures@alyssammariee actually in the video he says he *heard* his dog screaming in pain, so yes alyssa, he did leave his dog outside unattended on a staircase. Go watch and read in the video. You sure are very angry about a comment...
  • its_me_emily12Was he ok
  • alyssa_duncannI meant left unattended with out some sort of gate . the dog was gated in . Many dogs are outside at night not just him it could of happened to anyone and he thought fast and did the right thing . he saved his dog . And yeah I was mad because your lack of intelligence made me that way . Most of what you said was untrue . Soooo yeeeeep @moveldogs
  • alyssa_duncannAnd yeah hes ok @emilyyarnton1234
  • alyssa_duncannAnd i watched the video many times because the way he threw the raccoon was freaking hilarious @moveldogs
  • doggiesinabowl@kevinrose I would have done the same thing as you in that situation...attack my dog, you're done.
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