Tickets are on sale now! #PARATOUR
  • paramoreTickets are on sale now! #PARATOUR

  • ansnxxPARAMORE PLEASE COME TO PUERTO RICO AGAIN!!! WE MISS YOUU<\3 @paramore @paramore @paramore
  • tumblr.or.nahhhCan you plz answer? It would mean the world if u did! I love ur always takes my mind off the bad things. XD @paramore
  • mellinoyyyINDONESIA WE WANT IT!!
  • manwithtasteCan't wait
  • itscamiyallCome to Chile with the self-titled tour! We live you and miss you <3 PS: we want more than one date :c
  • vaal1604Come to Costa Rica please, we love u!!!!!
  • indecisivesarahSiked for my concert in October to see ya'll !
  • mummyplustwo_x@paramore I boughy my Cardiff ticket! So excited :-) xx
  • xracheylou927xBought my Fresno ticket!!! :D
  • icecoldfireSorry for putting it here. Email's not reliable so figured you guys might see it here. hi you all. I'm calling your attention to help me place the orders in my cart since shipping option doesn't really provide any option for me to go through. I've already sent 4 messages via email but still haven't received any response. Please help. You can check my records and you'll see that I'm a loyal customer. Just wanted to get this done today. 💔 My previous orders has issues as well but I think it's been disregarded. But I still purchase from your site because that's how much I love Paramore and FBR. So I hope and pray that atleast even one of you will help me with this. 😔 @paramore
  • _toxic.x.vibes_@paramore yessss!your coming to Fresno , seeing you is gonna be my early birthday present c':
  • _kvxlvomfgg i love yhu guys so mich !!!!! #biggest_fan_ever !!!! <333
  • daniellemarroI'm going november 11th :)
  • urreeallystupidCan't wait:)
  • witchybitchybabeI'll be there!! :D November 1st!
  • windarndPls come to indonesia again!!
  • a.e.jacobyOmg can't wait!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • aalexlemusCan't wait! #sandiego
  • karinaegonzalezI love you guys! I saw your Self-Titled show and it was awesome! I love you guys and if you replied I would die! I just had my birthday, and it was my first concert! I love you!♥
  • aliciasoulYou guys are amazing <3
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