My dates O & R #Vegas #Zarkana #CirqueDuSoleil
  • giaallemandMy dates O & R #Vegas #Zarkana #CirqueDuSoleil

  • albin99885@giaallemand zarkana is a great show!!! Try wing Lei at the Wynn it's unreal!!
  • jhaze06@giaallemand You have to go see Absinthe too while you're there! Great show!!
  • giaallemandThanks y'all for the recommendations @jhaze06 @albin99885
  • linaalvarez1Is a great show, is good.
  • bethfab@giaallemand that dress!!!!!! Stunning. Love the color on you.
  • giaallemandThanks @bethfab I heart you
  • giorgioglassdesignsYou're beautiful Ihad a whole life ahead of you
  • mangieggQue lastima! RIP
  • snowbaby323so young..I know many before her who've committed suicide over relationship issues. Please DON'T..Talk to someone..Open up don't hide it inside.. RIP Pretty Girl
  • myautisticdream@maria_montreal as a woman I don't condone his behaviour. The problem is many do unknowingly and that's why Sportsmen of Mr Andersons calibre get such bad press when is comes to relationships. He was an ass hole to Gia. That's a fact. Any man who will turn around and make such a heartless statement after all the sacrifices she made to be with him deserves a public undressing and I have no reservations rubbing it in his his asshole face that he should of been the one that took his own life not Gia. Too many women doing this over mediocre nonissue men it infuriates me. A cautionary tale that's been told a few too many times and regardless of the many variables that could of tipped Gia to take her own life I have no doubt it was his coward actions that fateful day that did it. She is beautiful how dare he.
  • niikkixoDon't talk shit about their issues on Gia's beautiful pictures. You people are heartless. RIP GIA @myautisticdream
  • niikkixoYou don't know anything about either of them, and were you there to know that he's "an asshole"
  • myautisticdream@niikkixo pls save it. You wanna defend him? Fuck off somewhere else and do it. She hung herself ok. Over shit he said and did. So pls go fuck yourself. Xx
  • myautisticdreamRip gia you're free!
  • gfresh420He had no part in it. She chose this. Ask yourself this, after an argument or misunderstanding do you assume somebody is going to attempt to kill themselves. The logical answer is NO, never. Leave the man alone we all have relationship problems. Some people just weren't made to withstand this realm. Gia and Katelyn (my girlfriend) happened to be unfortunate souls that couldn't deal with lifes problems. RIP to both, you will be dearly missed.
  • ngoelenahe's not an asshole. if he had known she would do this, he would've taken it a little bit easier on her. he didn't even encourage her to kill herself
  • myautisticdreamFuck off lol
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