• illyalWack

  • trog92There is a cue to get in, legal immigrants take years to get into this country, and they are normally people with skills (doctors, etc) and they have to be tested if they fail they are sent back to there countries, so if they don't have skills and they are just creating they own countries in our capital cities, I'm all for immigration but integration is key, they usually don't integrate into our societies. Don't let them settle in the capital cities countries areas need, and the country areas can teach them the real Aussie way of life, something that doesn't seem to occur in cities @aussiev8girl
  • jeremy_wolfe@twrogers92 I totally agree that it makes more sense for them to be settled in country areas rather than where we need space for skilled workers, I'm from a country town that is packed with different cultures, and besides a few, they are very friendly and grateful people.
  • kuta15Nothing anyone says here is going to be listened to by the people on the other side of the fence but 1 thing I know is people will look back on this in 50 years in disbelief for what it is and the support it had.
  • jenloveshiphopFucked up.
  • megmcneilIs this an add in an aus paper? If asylum seekers are reading it, they are clearly already here.. Waste of ink 😂
  • astrogirl_leahFFS!!!
  • caitiecaitiecaitie@megmcneil I think the reason its in the paper is to try and win votes from the current-affair-watching racist xenophobes who support this kind of thing
  • ozchiefBut if you come by plane its all gravy
  • rsloany@jimeehhh lol
  • craig.a.schaferFuckin oath. Get the paperwork then come. No papers then fuck off to where you came from.
  • h.b.stahmerYes @elizatodoric it does make it okay! Just because we came a few hundred years ago doesn't mean we deserved it or that it was right. Plus we were coming for our own gain, these people are just trying to have a decent life.
  • todoelizaWell we all have our different views @hannahstahmer
  • h.b.stahmer@elizatodoric mmmmmmmm yeah and they're all okay especially racist ones ;P
  • beetee23@wrenchmonkeys yup, @tyguecleland summed it up perfectly. It's very easy to have the 'us' and 'them' mentality when we have it pretty easy in this beautiful country. I've only come across a couple of refugees (that I know of) and they have made the most of their chance here, starting off with the jobs you and me would think are below us. Just a thought
  • todoelizaI don't have a problem with these people coming into our country, if that's what they wish to do, then yes, go right ahead. I just think it's wrong when they come and try to force their beliefs and laws onto australian turf and call us racist when we're just trying to benefit the majority. @hannahstahmer I am in now way saying that they all do it, I'm just saying that the minority that do, are wrong.
  • h.b.stahmerYeah I agree with dat @elizatodoric ❤❤
  • joel.gifIf they're reading the newspaper. Then they're already in... This is propaganda, not action, nor solution.
  • graceface24Not the Australia I was raised in :(
  • kaelbruhbruhbruh@megmcneil the idea is that their relatives in Australia will see it and tell them not come by boat.
  • kaelbruhbruhbruh@tyguecleland exactly, who doesn't want that? The point is, allowing third world refugees into our first world nation isn't doing anything for the long term. It's completely unsustainable. Refuge should only be offered to those are in immediate and extremely life threatening danger. There's too many people living in poverty for us as on (relatively tiny) nation to be able to help them all, so we need to help the neediest. Meanwhile, we should combat the disease, not the symptom, by helping countries like Afghanistan get back on their feet so that their people don't want to run from their homes.
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